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Ruth Chapter 4-Part 3- The Lineage of Boaz and Ruth

We should never overlook the fact that the story of Ruth was orchestrated by God from start to finish. The Lord gave Ruth conception. Remember that Ruth was previously childless when married to Mahlon though she bore a child to Boaz. No doubt Ruth would have been encouraged by stories of Sarah, Rebekah and Rachel who initially had difficulty in having children. It is good to recognise all of God’s blessings in our lives and to thank Him for that.

The same women in Ruth 1:19 who said, “Is this Naomi?” were now pronouncing a blessing upon her. Ruth who formerly had an uncertain fate was now considered better than seven sons! The number seven speaks of perfection and seven sons would comprise a ‘perfect’ family (1 Samuel 2:5).

It is a great blessing later on in life to invest in the younger generation by serving them. This could take the form of serving in the creche or Bible classes for youngsters and helping care for children and nurturing their spiritual growth. God had provided Obed who would help sustain her in her old age.

We are encouraged to read the whole of our Bibles to glean the most from it. Does reading a genealogy interest you? If it was your genealogy it might do. I did not always have an interest in biblical genealogies though now that I understand the importance, I take a definite interest now.

The genealogy at the close of the book of Ruth is not intended to be complete, but representative. It spans nine centuries from Perez in 1885BC to David in 1040BC. It lists ten generations. Salmon lived at the beginning of the judges. David was not born until the beginning of kings almost 400 years later. This is a Jewish method of prioritising content in genealogies and a son means a descendent and here refers to noticeable individuals.

Perez until Nashon covered the patriarchal era until the Exodus and wilderness wanderings. Salmon to David covered Joshua’s lifetime and the judges until the introduction of the kings. Amminadab was father in law to Aaron. Nashon was the leader of Judah in Exodus. Salmon was also the father in law of Rahab remembered in the hall of faith in Hebrews chapter 11.

Naomi’s actions were an act of love that went beyond what the law required, and their message spans the years. Boaz and Ruth were driven by ‘hessed’, selfless love for God and for others. God brought them together and our Lord took on flesh as our kinsman redeemer, Yeshua. Messiah was born through this remarkably family line and though Him and by His Spirit, we must be born again.