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Review of ‘Angels of Light -Five Spiritualists Test the Spirits’

Many spiritualists are convinced they are able to contact the deceased. They reason that the medium or the person they think they are communicating with, knows personal details that could not be known otherwise. Some would be surprised to discover what the Bible teaches regarding spiritualism. Others freely admit that spiritualism is in opposition to what the Bible teaches (Leviticus 19:31; Deuteronomy 18:11), but continue doing so since it provides them some level of comfort.

Here is a brief review of the accounts of former spiritualists who relate their experiences and how they searched for the truth and came to trust in the Lord.

Ben Alexander

Ben had a traumatic upbringing and was orphaned from an early age. Although he was later raised in the Jewish faith, those turbulent early years left their mark. Despite attending a Hebrew school he rebelled. As a grown man he began searching for God in many avenues including the major religions and cults though none of them was what he was looking for.

He thought he had finally found what he was searching for when he met a spiritualist medium and he subsequently experimented with a whole range of occult practises though his married life was anything but peaceful. However, they met a couple of believers who unknown to them, started praying for them. In the meantime Ben returned to spiritualism more so than ever and though he became increasingly enthralled, later down the line he suffered terrible nightmares and gruesome manifestations.

He fled promptly and commenced his own séance circle and had delusions of grandeur. He visited a family who he previously was unaware were praying for him, and he even went to their congregation. The preacher quoted Isaiah 1:18, “Though your sins are as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow.” The preacher explained that freedom from fear, sin and guilt were possible if he repented and trusted in the Lord Jesus as Messiah and Saviour.

Ben responded by turning and placing his faith in the Messiah who loved him and gave Himself for him. Nonetheless Ben did not fully appreciate that he needed to leave spiritualism altogether. Shortly afterwards when he went to a séance he was compelled to leave and also left his contacts involved with spiritualism.

Some details presented a mystery such as if spiritualism is evil, why do mediums apparently cast out evil spirits and do good works? He came to understand that impersonating spirits masquerade and use that means to draw people in. Demons have the ability to acquire a certain amount of knowledge in order to gain the confidence of people seeking to contact deceased loved ones. The Bible clearly warns to avoid these practises and lasting peace and real joy can only be found in trusting in the Lord Jesus alone.

Sadie Bryce

Sadie was raised by her grandparents since they discovered she had been physically abused and took her home with them to Glasgow. Nevertheless, she was happily married until her husband was diagnosed with cancer. Tragically as the doctors predicted, he died within half a year. A year later, the library became a type of refuge and she became increasingly interested in spiritualism.

One day she tried a Ouija board with a friend, and it worked. Not long afterwards, she went to a spiritualist church. It seemed like a normal church since there were hymn books and the service commenced with a prayer. She was given a message from her ‘husband’ which she believed, and she was impressed by how the medium was able to portray the character and personality of her husband.

Sadie became more committed and was encouraged to pursue an apparent gift of healing. She candidly recalls the thought of using that for financial gain since she felt she had little control of her life. Meanwhile she obtained a job as a receptionist for a taxi- cab business.

She then considered leaving mediumship and returning to a more normal life though immediately the once friendly spirits soon turned aggressive and threatening. She then prayed to the Lord and a spiritual battle ensued. She asked the lord for help, asked him for forgiveness and turned from her previous ways. The peace of God then flooded her soul. She now had a heavenly Father though she had been born illegitimate.

The Lord revealed what her sinful former life had looked like in His presence. She wept when she saw the reality of her life until that point, but was free at last since the Lord had cleansed her. Alcohol and nicotine addiction and the occult were now a thing of the past. She cleared out all the spiritualist items and knew real joy because the truth had set her free.

Sharon Beekmann

Dr Beekman was psychotherapist who incorporated some New Age concepts. She discovered that doctrines of a spirit guide ‘Seth’ were in harmony with existential philosophy and humanistic theories and in essence she was able to take psychology to the next level. She was impressed with supernatural encounters at a spiritualist church and became a spiritualist medium.

At first, the spirit guides were amicable and respectful. One day though, she refused to relay a message about a nuclear holocaust in 1987 and although she expressed her desire to leave, initially they expressed disappointment and seemingly parted graciously. Another morning however, all the spirit guides suddenly turned on Sharon and became controlling and abusive to her.

In her desperation, she tried various avenues seeking freedom, none of which were helpful but actually a further hindrance. A course in Miracles was offered by the Unity Church with a claim that ‘Jesus’ was a spirit guide who would help her. That course and practise in itself is completely contrary to what the Bible teaches. The Lord Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life, not a spirit guide! She spoke with a spiritualist minister who blamed her for letting evil in and not focussing on the light. She tried Chinese healing though that was to no avail and neither was a group of Sai Baba devotees. A supposedly ‘Christian healer’ attempted to mix magic with Christianity, though that too was equally ineffective.

Finally, she contacted an old friend who was formerly a Zen Buddhist that had become a believer in Yeshua. She read a book entitled ‘The Beautiful Side of Evil’ by Johanna Michaelsen who had suffered similar anguish, but had found freedom and come to trust in Jesus as Lord. She realised that she had been in rebellion against God and moral efforts and good deeds could never restore the relationship between God and humans. She repented and received Yeshua as her Messiah.

Jackie Lancaster  

In her teens, Jackie experimented with Ouija boards and like many others, it just appeared to be fun and innocent mischief. It was exciting and something she did with her friends. She went to a Christian Scientist school that is far removed from biblical Christianity. One thing led to another and they discovered a witches’ coven and went there to investigate. Until that moment, she would not have believed what she witnessed or what would happen consequently as a result.

In the short-term Jackie became depressed, addicted to tranquilisers and fearful.  Her marriage broke up. She met a spiritualist friend who took her under her wing and her depression began to lift, though sadly her friend suddenly died. She then became more committed to the spiritualist church and was prescribed a personal guide. Jackie felt certain everything would be okay since she was part of a ‘Christian Spiritualist Church’. There were occasions when she was seemingly healed of some of her ailments though the healing did not last.

Jackie explained that the spiritualist church recognises Jesus as an ascended master. This is similar compared with the New Age. It also teaches the need to pay karmic debt through good works and she notes that ‘sin’ was never mentioned in meetings.

Perhaps reminiscent of her youth, she and her daughter spent an evening reading tarot cards and swinging a pendulum. They were having an enjoyable time and were oblivious to the imminent danger. Out of nowhere that night, her daughter started screaming uncharacteristically and chillingly. The next day her daughter explained that Jackie looked like a devil the previous night.

It was a long struggle getting out of the clutches of the spiritualist church and extensive prayer and biblical counselling followed. She removed all items connected with spiritualism and Jackie and her daughter are now new creations in the Lord Jesus their Saviour. Jackie is free from fear and addictions, and her desire is for others to know who the Lord Jesus really is.

Johanna Michaelsen

Johanna enjoyed Silva Mind Control and learning to heal diseases. This was despite being aware of the wider spiritual dimension for years which had terrorised her. She was introduced to spirit guides called ‘counsellors’ and wanted ‘Jesus’ to be her counsellor. She was told that she also needed a female counsellor who was called ‘Sarah’. Strangely though, ‘Jesus’ and ‘Sarah’ manifested as werewolves! This was dismissed with the notion that not all entities with an outward appearance of evil are evil within.

She began working for a healer assisting with various operations. She was impressed with the healings though at the same questioned whether there was some element of trickery involved and even considered the possibility that she might have been hypnotised. Nonetheless she was able to see what went on from close proximity.

Johanna convinced herself all was well since there was a crucifix on the wall, a picture of Jesus and nuns and priests had been there spreading holy water. They even said the Lord’s prayer. Though her sister had warned her that this was all wrong and not biblical, the external religious aspect seemed to assure her that everything was okay.

Despite all this, it became apparent that the healings were only temporary and there was unkindness and dissension amongst the family that she worked with. Johanna needed some space and visited her sister. Her sister was a very committed follower of the Lord Jesus and she was apprehensive before they met.  She asked Johanna how she knew whether the source of power was God and which Jesus did she believe in? Was it possible her senses had been deceived?

Reluctantly she stayed at L’Abri in Switzerland following her sister’s recommendation. When she went there, she read the Gospel of John and came to the realisation that if that was true then everything she believed about karma and unity with God was wrong. She recognised that Hinduism and following the Lord Jesus were incompatible. She prayed to the Lord and immediately encountered a demonic attack, the like before she had never encountered. She called out to the Lord Jesus to help her and she experienced the peace beyond understanding. She renounced her involvement with the occult and placed her faith in Jesus her Messiah, Saviour and Lord.