The Feasts

John 10:31-42  Messiah at Hanukkah Part 2

Hanukkah at Solomon’s Porch in the Temple The setting is the Temple, Solomon’s Porch at the Feast of Dedication (Hanukkah) in Jerusalem. A discussion has arisen as to whether Jesus is the Messiah so


John 10:22-30 Messiah and Hanukkah

Tabernacles and Hanukkah It is no coincidence that Yeshua (Jesus) was at the Feast of Hanukkah walking in the temple in Solomon’s porch since at the respective feasts, Yeshua demonstrated how they spoke of


Pesach Foreshadows Messiah

Pesach- A Blessing for Jewish people, Messianics and Gentile Believers It is an amazing providence that both the Jewish people and the Passover have been preserved. Exodus 12 provides the background when God delivered